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Zanzibar Expat Support Services- ZESS is one of the Zanzibar leading Medical Assistance/funeral home & Repatriation services companies. ZESS has its headquarters in Zanzibar with Registration No: Z0000085865 and Licence No: B2020-7776-051698 Migombani, Urban West -Zanzibar
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Helping Expats Since 2015 in Zanzibar
ZESS is a 24/7 Medical Assistance company based in Zanzibar. We provide among others House call services & emergency Medical services at the comfort of your hotel/ home. No matter what the problem, we will act swiftly and professionally within 30mins.

Medical Assistance

We take pride in providing prompt and fast 24/7 effective medical assistance

Funeral Planning

Our outstanding services extend to both corporate & private individuals.

Legal Support

Our experienced Legal experts will offer you a 24/7 legal assistance.

Admin Support

Even in the most unexpected incidents, we are already at your help

House Call Services

Even in case of urgent medical need, our Medical doctors are available around the clock at the comfort of your hotel/home.

Medical Tourism

Whenever you need the most advanced medical attention that is not available locally, we will organize your treatment abroad.

Our Vision

To be the foremost and affordable Medical assistance provider, funeral & repatriation services for the tourists/expats in Tanzania.

Leader in Expat support 5 Years In a Row

We take pride in being the most trusted, dependable, and most affordable medical assistance and funeral & repatriation company in Tanzania handling over 6,000 cases annually. Our proven track record as experienced by many of our clients keeps us an edge above the rest, and we are continually determined to maintain the same.

Our Mission

To be the most dependable Medical Assistance/funeral & repatriation company for both tourists, travel, and health insurance companies in Tanzania and to ensure the best possible outcomes in every single case.


Meet our team of Professionals
Jabir James

Jabir James

Co-Founder | CEO

Zahra Bakari

Zahra Bakari

Director of Administration

Faiza Kijangwa

Faiza Kijangwa

Operations Manager | Funeral Director

400k+ Satisfied Clients

Thank you dear team for your perfect professional work, big support for all tourists, for your attention to any problem!
Marina Saifulina

Thanks to Jabir and his team! Helped us to resolve all my medical issues and provided all the necessary assistance
Tatiana Paramzina

I was assisted remarkably well. The local correspondent was in care for me, made it easy for me to get to hospitals with fast-tracked services…My insurance company has chosen ZESS as her local correspondent.
Francette Pierat

Professionals, operational, and fast! What more can you ask for?!?! Thank you to all the ZESS team.
Benedetta Bardazza

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Ngazi Mia, Migomban
Airport Road, Zanzibar
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