Funeral and Repatriation

As funeral directors, we’re experienced, professional and passionate about what we do. The first thing we do is listen to you, then advise, guide, and inspire you to create the perfect funeral arrangement.

ZESS Funeral Directors have an extensive experience in arranging funeral and repatriation service world-wide and, with over 5 years’ experience ZESS has grown to be the most reliable funnel home & repatriation company in Tanzania.

We have already undertaken countless number of funnel home & repatriation services to many international destinations.

Our outstanding repatriation services extends to both the corporate, private and local communities and we know better what it takes to offer extraordinaire funeral/repatriation services.

Our underlying responsibility for the funeral director is to ensure that the deceased is transported safely and with dignity to the place of burial or cremation.

Our funeral experts are better placed to offer the family the moral and psycho-social support during those hard times, while ensuring professionalism and respect.

We are at the heart of Zanzibar town and we are able to respond to any request within the shortest time available leaving no room for any mishaps.

ZESS has risen to be the most trusted and professional repatriation hub both nationally, regionally and internationally.

ZESS endorsements and collaboration by various embassies/ consulates ensure a smooth working relationship.ZESS endorsements and collaboration by various embassies/ consulates ensure a smooth working relationship. While we listen to the family wishes in detail, and our understanding of the all-around compliance issues ranging from timely communication, documentations, embalming, IATA, and specific airline standards has made ZESS be the number one preference in Tanzania. Our funeral services cover:

  • Documentation
  • Embalming
  • Specific Country Compliance
  • International Compliance
  • Cremation Services
  • Exhumation Services
  • Repatriation of Hum and Ashes
  • Last Respect
  • Local Burial 
  • Supply of Coffin and Urn
  • Tombstones
  • Custom Clearance
  • Ground Transportation (Hearse Services) 

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